Austin Scott
Software Developer

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Below I have listed three traits I believe make me an effective software engineer:

  1. Problem Solver - I am an expert problem solver.
  2. Adaptable - I am extremely adaptable and able to quickly pick up new technologies and processes.
  3. Generalist - I like to understand how all parts of a system operate (i.e. data storage, APIs, and client). I believe having at least a little understanding of how all these components function allow you produce higher quality code.

My Story

My name is Austin Scott. I am a self-taught programmer. My journey as a software developer began after my junior year of college when I was offered an internship with Procter & Gamble. I assumed I would be doing mostly mechanical work, but it ended up being an IT internship. For my main project, I was tasked with automating a manual change control process that was used by the engineering staff on site. I ended up utilizing a Microsoft Flow workflow to automate the process, but after the internship I was left thinking about ways I could have made the process even more streamlined. Microsoft Flow was a great tool, but I was limited to their set of triggers and events. This experience got me interested in development and ultimately I decided to take the CS50 Introduction to Computer Science offered by Harvard online during my last year of college. During CS50, I was especially interested in the web development portion. By the end of the course, I was hooked. I started to delve deeper into the web development path and decided I wanted to switch careers. I enjoyed the problem solving aspect of mechanical engineering, but felt limited in the ways I could solve those problems. Seeing the changes to the code be directly reflected in my browser was fascinating to me.

Outside of work and programming, I enjoy archery, working on my motorcycle, video games, and sports, particularly football. I love watching Kansas State and the Chiefs.


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